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Gideons Children’s Home was started through the help of Pst Newton Atela and the Wife Caroline by taking in 37 orphans to live in their two-room house in the year 2007. The number of children living at the children's home increased to over 300 in 8 years and besides children home, Gideons also runs a primary school and a high school with over 500 students.

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The reasons for starting the orphanage was because Newton saw many children suffering from no food and a place to stay. They opened up their home and took in children to care for. During this time a primary school was started to help provide education for these children and also the surrounding villages. There is always an increase in the number of children and families that are in direct need of help in the village and because of this, Gideons was moved to help more needy children and families through non-residential home-based programs.

These vulnerable children are fed, clothed and educated through your generous donation. Will you support them today?

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Gideons provides a feeding program, education program, and accommodation for orphaned and vulnerable children in order to give them hope again in their lives. The Gideons Home is set in the rural parts of Kenya in a place called Ramba. This area is highly infected with HIV/Aids and that is the main cause of orphanhood and poverty.

Over the years the orphanage has grown from 37 to over 300 children living permanently on-site. The children attend primary and secondary school on-site and will eventually go onto further education.

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