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Established in 2009 in Newton's stepmother's old house with only a few orphaned children, Gideons Primary School is now a glowing and growing reality.

The school has grown in leaps and bounds to its current size adding each level per year from class 1 to class 8 in the last nine years.

Gideons Primary is a co-educational institution offering the new  2-6-3-3-3 government curriculum system of education. The school is founded on strict Christian principles. It has a proven track record in academic achievements in KCPE as well as in good nurturing of children both social and spiritual matters.

The school is ranked as one of the top primary schools in Homa Bay County in Rachuonyo in KCPE in the last 4 years. The school’s objective is to give a holistic education in a caring and safe environment. 

Gideons Primary has been able to set up a place for itself in the academic field by emerging with a good national academic performance for the last four years.

The school is proud to have sent pupils to Gideons High School and some of the best high schools in Kenya henceforth joining university.


Our Mission

Gideons School exists to inculcate transformative belief systems and nurture an all-round character in terms of social, emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual well-being through experiential learning.


Our Vision

To be the leading learning institution in Africa, in producing transformational global leadership


Our Values

Honesty | Focus | Responsibility | Resilience | Commitment

Apply for Admission

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We are thrilled to offer free schooling to many children in surrounding villages. Often teachers in public schools fail to deliver academic requirements fully to lack of resources, so we are thankful for the opportunity to teach them in a loving environment. It is such a joy to be able watch the children mature and excel in their talents.


The Gideons classes are full of children hungry to learn. There are over 350 children that attend our primary school and the majority of them are total orphans. Gideon's principles are to help the families in this community get a quality education for the betterment of their future lives.



Hon Eve Obara, MP- Kabondo Kasipul

Gideons School is an amazing place for children. Its a place of love and Excellence.

This is the best school for the young girlchild. The school has innovative and caring programs that are geared towards producing the next generation of leaders. It's the best primary school in my constituency.


Nic Ugolini, Director- Everseal  

The best thing about the kids here is that they are always jovial. They are at all ends of the spectrum which is really exciting. It gives us the opportunity to treat them as individuals. We know they’re created by Christ for a specific reason, and we get to work with their strengths and make them who they are.


Eunice Owino, Ps Education- Homa Bay County

 The high standards maintained are Gideons Primary school remarkable. Apart from academic advancement, children are mentored in a disciplined way that creates a positive impact on their social development. It is very important that our children receive their education from a strong Christian foundation  like Gideons School.

There are over 350 children that attend our primary school and the majority of them are total orphans. They depend on your sponsorship to be sustained in school.

Partner with us today in giving these orphans better education 








Testimony: Marry, Class 4

The teachers are really special here. They focus on what the individual needs, instead of just getting things done. They want everyone to succeed. The students care about one another. If someone is struggling through something in life, everyone tries to help that person out."

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