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 Our Mission

To help orphans and widows in Kenya live a healthy life free from hunger, ignorance, and disease; and their living environments changed to promote quality living.

One of the most important ways one can make a Life long difference to a child in our programmes is by signing up for child sponsorship. When you sponsor a child you have a personal touch with the kid as they are able to write letters, share picture etc. Just look at the pictures and profiles for the kids on this page and select the one you want to sponsor. Sign up via the paypal link with your credit card and you will receive a confirmation. It costs only $35 per month to sponsor a child. By sponsoring a child it helps meet with basic needs of the child including food, shelter, education and medical needs. Sign up for child sponsorship here….

Our latest project

Due to the lack of enough classrooms in our school we are building more spacious classrooms to facilitate learning. The new classrooms are designed to be spacious, light, friendly and welcoming environment for students and teachers.


You can create a change today by making a small donation to support the classroom project.


Our Vision
To be a Leading non -profit christian organization that  empowers orphans and widows across the continent of Africa

Our integrated Child Sponsorship Programme is a child-focused and community-based program that aims at improving the long term livelihoods of a sponsored child, their family, and the community.​

Your monthly sponsorship of $ 30 covers education, clothing and food

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